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  My Little Factory, the story of an awareness

My Little Factory could not have seen the light of day without the determination, enthusiasm and passion of a woman, Virginie, whose creative impetus is matched only by a very personal vision of a fashion healthy life.

A few years ago, her son was diagnosed with an eating disorder. After more than a year of research and development to reinvent the codes of traditional cooking and pastry making , she decided to create, at the beginning of 2017, her very first concept of vegetable cooking and pastry or how to eat in

Mindfulness ... It then seems obvious to him to revive and share with others certain rituals "How and better to eat healthily ..."

Taken by this devouring and growing passion for everything that appeals to a healthy, diversified and balanced diet , an original idea led Virginie to offer vegetable cuisine and pastry, with a low glycemic index, 100% organic and alive. She follows a gluten-free and lactose-free training at the National Pastry School of Alain Ducasse. This universe that she is discovering little by little, she deeply wishes to bring to light ... It will be a pioneering concept combining both the Health aspect and the Nature aspect. It will aim to produce gourmet, healthy and local sweets carrying values and strong messages around the challenges of a living and civic diet.  

Creatively reinterpret traditional recipes, bake a cake or indulge in the creation of a pie, do it with love and kindness.


In 3 words, Virginie is:


a large dose of #creativity,

a lot of #joy and a little #folly !

Excellence and Quality

My little Factory makes it a point of honor to prioritize short circuits as much as possible, to select quality ingredients and products from organic farming! My little Factory listens to its customers and attaches the greatest importance to the quality of its service.

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