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You would like to be more comfortable with a plant-based diet

and have a better approach to healthy and beneficial food.

You need support to make it fit with your life and your situation.

You would like easy recipes that are specific to your own tastes.

I offer personalized support according to your needs and your objectives. A first assessment will be made during our first meeting. We will discuss your goals and together establish the means to achieve them. A personalized file will then be sent to you with advice and tips as well as recipe proposals.  

I also offer several options to guide you towards the right choices. Support during your food shopping, an analysis of your kitchen environment and a menu specially prepared according to your tastes, needs or food specificities.





First consultation to switch smoothly to a plant-based diet understand:

Personalized food assessment
Nutritional tips


Support for food shopping (60 min)
Home analysis of foodstuffs (60 min)
A week of menus adapted to your tastes and needs (3 meals / day)

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