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Workshops and  cooking courses  adults 

Let's cook vegan ...

I offer cooking and pastry workshops  at home or  at home 100% without  lactose and  100% plant-based with gluten-free option  in a warm atmosphere.

Culinary workshop 1: High vitality cuisine

Culinary Workshop 2: The Secrets of Steaming: Method of Using Marion Kaplan's Vitalizer

Culinary workshop 3: Lacto fermentation

Culinary workshop 4: Milk, cream, butter and mashed seeds and nuts

Culinary workshop 5: Desserts

The +: detox, herbal or vegetable juices & smoothies


Workshops for adults from € 75 per module


Cooking courses over 2 days 250 €  excluding accommodation and meals.

Or consult the agenda  of the next workshops.

Culinary workshop 1: High vitality or living food cooking favors seasonal raw or fermented fruits and vegetables, seaweed, young shoots or sprouted seeds or oilseeds. Preserve the energy potential and synergy of living foods, their balance in vitamins and minerals, their richness in enzymatic factors by making them more assimilable.

A workshop full of colors, textures and flavors that arouses creativity, exalts the taste buds and nourishes the body.

Culinary workshop 2:  Thanks to considerable progress in cellular biochemistry, dietetics has now highlighted the importance of the vital elements contained in food, vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts. The body needs it every day to regenerate and live harmoniously. This is what makes the unique character of Marion Kaplan's vitaliseur which cooks food to the core without exceeding 95 °, unlike traditional cooking which all exceed 100 °.

In this workshop, I will share with you my culinary secrets, focusing on  the use of steam cooking for convenience and health.

Culinary workshop 3: Star foods of naturopaths, vegetables and fermented drinks help strengthen the intestinal flora thanks to their richness in natural probiotics. Lacto fermentation, through its bio-chemical activities, creates many minerals and vitamins, increases the level of amino acids, transforms complex carbohydrates into better assimilable carbohydrates, develops digestive enzymes and helps to reconstitute our microbiota and strengthen our immune barriers: fruit kefir, fermented lacto vegetables, plant-based yogurt, so many delicious products and recipes to integrate into your daily life.

Culinary workshop 4: Just mix oil seeds and / or nuts, almonds etc. to obtain  a more or less thick flour which will become more and more fine ... it is by prolonging the grinding that the preparation of milk, creams and puree begins ... I let you come and discover one of the main techniques of 'plant and living food ...


Culinary workshop 5: A workshop dedicated to vegan and gluten-free desserts but not without gluttony: raw lemon and papaya tart, black rice and orange tart, poached bananas in coconut milk, blueberry fondant, strawberry, carrot   cake, shortcrust pastry or cocoa tarts, I will give you my best recipes and tips ...

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