Créatrice d'ambiance

My little Factory takes care of both the culinary service and the scenography for all your professional or private events.

Wedding, corporate event, or simply evening with friends, I will be happy to create a menu that suits you. Flavors, colors and originality guaranteed.


I offer you a range of cocktail pieces, "finger food" and dishes to share that combines gastronomy, well-being, pleasure in all lightness, gourmet and creative in conscience. The discovery of a joyful and innovative living food!  The carefully selected fruits and vegetables are mainly organic or local and seasonal. Thus, I develop my menus according to the products available.

Catering delivery service:

Delivery of cocktail pieces and dishes to share without the presence of the chef or service staff. The parts are delivered in disposable catering boxes and deposited a few hours before the event.

Unpacking, installation, service, storage is entirely your responsibility.

Order deadline: it is advisable to place the order minimum 20 days before the date of the event and validate it maximum 10 days in advance (working days).








Delivery service  complete:

The catering service with cocktail pieces, dishes to share, offers drinks, dishes, scenography and service. 

This implies the presence of the chef and our staff present from delivery to delivery of the event. The unpacking, installation, service, storage and sorting of the material is entirely at our expense.  

Order deadline: We advise you to place an order minimum 20 days before the date of your event and validate it a maximum of 10 days in advance (working days).