95 ° by .... Virginie Ferrari 

 Ketogenic special

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An edition where health and pleasure come together in harmony for our greatest happiness!


 Buddha  bowl

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Come and discover that the bowl, which most people call the buddha bowl, is much more complex and comes in many different versions.

Leader starred Jérémy Czaplicki imagines very astonishing variations up to aioli… bowl version. Around him, creative minds deliver their most beautiful and effective recipes, such as Clara Onuki, Tiphaine Fontaine, Virginie Ferrari and Clément Gehin.

Mushroom special

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It is in the kitchen that all the flavors of mushrooms are revealed ... By associating ease and taste, some of our best chefs reveal all their secrets and their creativity to sublimate mushrooms in all their forms (including in cakes!)

Denis Fetisson, Arnaud Tabarec, Jérémy Czaplicky, Virginie Ferrari, Ippei Uemura, Thony Billon and Clément Gehin will give you an irresistible desire to cook and consume mushrooms throughout the seasons ...

Soft steamed cakes

n°29 les cakes.png

To celebrate this end of the year which is so ... special and definitely marked by the retreat at home ... over the pages of this 95 ° gourmand, find 10 recipes of my vegan cakes.  

In the vegetable kingdom


In "Emile or education", Jean-Jacques Rousseau writes: "One of the proofs that the taste of meat is not natural to humans is the indifference that children have for this dish and the preference that they all give to vegetable foods, such as dairy products, pastry, fruits, etc. ”. Should we agree with the writer or the philosopher? Still, we have chosen to vegetate this end of winter to welcome the spring which invites us to green. Here everything is vegetal and the latter reigns supreme through the recipes of this new collection of 95 °.

Desserts: pleasure must be earned


So will you start with the compotes of Emilie and Thomas Rousset, the original sorbets by Jérémy Czaplicki, the variations of oranges by Arnaud Tabarec, the low-sugar desserts by Valentin Néreaudeau, the vegan desserts by Virginie Ferrari or the delicacies? by Kévin Violente… If you don't fall for it, it's because you have the mind of the Gods of Olympus…


Facile de faire simple ...

Plus de 40 recettes de l’entrée au dessert pour les vegans, les végétariens et les paléos, pour toutes les saisons (donc à consulter toute l’année), pour les amoureux du dépouillement ou les aventuriers des nouvelles saveurs ou des préparations multiples. Plus de 40 recettes pour se régaler, se faire du bien et s’amuser en cuisinant. Plus de 40 recettes pour sublimer le Vitaliseur et ses atouts indéfectibles.