Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.


The choice of an ethical and benevolent diet : change habit  !


What is ethical food ? It is quite simply put a big pinch of conscience on your plate  !


An ethical food is part of a respectful and interdependent approach to Nature to which we belong, for which we are responsible and without which we could not live. 

Feeding is one of our basic needs which is not limited to a quantifiable energy need, but which is part of a much broader perspective  thus participating to do of each of us, part of a whole.


This new culinary paradigm that is emerging seems to be the fruit of an awareness of food that is expressed either through a body that suffers or by a desire to reconnect with a healthy diet and commits to rethinking the art of to feed. What we eat affects our life, mood and health. We are becoming more attentive to what we eat and many are starting to change their eating habit by completely turning their backs on industrial foods, looking at labels to know what they put on their plate and becoming aware of the impact on health and the environment  and animals.  


We are becoming more and more aware of our Nature in what it has more elevated and rooted, of what it offers us in profusion in substances vital and essential to our well-being, of respect of the culture fruits and vegetables for example - if they grow on living soils, if they are fertilized with compost, naturally protected against insects and parasites when they are fully ripe. These new openings in the way we come into contact with food and consume are changing at a great speed. The sails are rising ... the food scandals, the reality of animal exploitation and the impact of the overproduction of food on the planet are subjects that are revealed  from now on  in our life. We are more and more informed and we want to make more informed choices when it comes to health and that resonate in an ethical and caring manner in respect our values and our needs.



Plant-based food is not an expression of austerity but a reconciliation of body and mind, a discovery of the principles of food "healthy".

 A revelation of flavors, scents, tastes rediscovered in another way, a gourmet invitation of vitality and liveliness which asks only to be won over in sharing and creativity and which will charm the finest taste buds.



I invite you ... deliciously.