Catering & chef at home

Pleasure ... point of fusion between matter and spirit  

Catering service

I invite you to you to feed a cuisine that delights your senses and satisfies vital needs, intimate and deep within your body. On order, I prepare for you cakes of 6/8/10 slices or more: brownies, cakes, fruit pies and many pastries according to the creativity of the chef.
I also prepare savory buffets, finger food, cocktail pieces or dishes to share adapted to your food desires and / or intolerances.

Do not hesitate to write to me on or by phone on 06 67 88 10 19 for any request. I will be glad to answer you.

My little Factory can also take care of the  scenography for your  event.

Chef service at home

Live the experience… test!

This is the module that allows you to discover, to test my raw and vegetable cuisine to introduce you gently to its benefits, its speed of execution, its simplicity ... and to experience the almost immediate feelings on your vitality ...


Dinner or sit-down lunch  for a maximum of 30 people. Dressing and table service.

We advise you to place an order minimum 3 weeks before the date of your event  and validate it maximum 2 weeks in advance (working days)



All our services are tailor-made. Prices and menu on request.




Cooking workshops for adults and children

Let's cook vegan ...

I offer cooking workshops at home, at home or in private lessons, 100% free lactose and 100% plant-based with a gluten-free option.  Muffins, Moelleux, panna cotta, chocolate mousse, cheesecake or carrot cake, quiches and savory cakes, soups or to receive in a warm atmosphere, I adapt to your desires.

Workshops for adults from € 75 including tax.

Workshops for children and adolescents from 25 € incl.

Contact me to book your next cooking workshop!


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Cooking courses

During these internships, I will tell you my secrets!

You will work with fresh and raw products, transform them into delicious recipes blown by the chef, interpreted and reinterpreted according to your desires and your tastes ...
Natural and anti-waste cooking naturally, I
  will share with you my tips and secrets for:

* Fight against food waste

* Enhance seasonal fruits and vegetables, peelings, peels and peels of fruits, yesterday's bread, damaged vegetables and wrinkled fruits

* Running away from boring perfection, cultivating the taste and character of products.

* Creatively reinterpret traditional recipes, bake a cake or indulge in the creation of a pie, do it with love and kindness.

* And without forgetting to have fun while cooking!

"  The idea is that you take hold of these methods to work the products around you, that you take the wide off the recipes, without worrying about unknown or missing ingredients.  : a Jerusalem artichoke or even a potato will easily replace a heliantis  ; squash kefir can be made with beetroot, experimented with cucumber. 

This instinctive cooking is my way of working every day. I grab a product without knowing where it will lead me. At the turn of a cooking, I find a taste that summons another, I test an association. 

It is a matter of instantaneity, of feeling. The result, always unpredictable, gains in personality.  "


Accompaniment in vegetable food

I am committed to being as close as possible to you, listening to you and guiding you in the direction that will be most appropriate for you in this transition to living and plant-based food. It is important to me that this transition be smooth and at your own pace. My motivation through support is being able to help you reconnect with your own feelings and intuition by guiding you in the direction of life. By bringing the right foods and elements to the body, it will always be the best guide in your life. However, the physical body would be nothing without the psychic, emotional and spiritual body, in fact, our 4 bodies are linked and form one. I therefore take into account the whole of the being during these accompaniments.

I help you taste a new inner appeasement, bring you motivation as well as the tools and information necessary for your own physical and mental development.

Several parameters will be considered in order to allow the body to regain serenity, energy and vitality. 

If this path towards a more harmonious and living life seems right to your soul and if you want more information, you can send us an email specifying the nature of your support

With joy, goodbye!

Chia Pudding